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“You should never be forced to question whether your neighborhood is clean enough, safe enough, or affordable enough to continue living here. I am running to fight for you so that you never have to question that again.”

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Meet Tom

My family moved to Jersey City over 100 years ago seeking a better life. As a fourth generation Jersey City resident, I am the great-grandson, grandson, and son of educators, community volunteers, and small business owners. I am running for Council to serve the same community that embraced my family, be an effective voice for a united Ward C, and provide a clear vision for our future.

I have seen our neighborhoods falling behind the rest of the city. Other wards, especially downtown, have seen significant improvements in safety, public parks, and basic city services while Ward C lags. Our streets are dirtier, our taxes are higher, police response times are longer, and our quality of life is slipping. That is a failure of leadership of our current Councilman. We deserve better and that is why I am running for Council.

I know how to get things done. I’ve been doing it all my life. Fighting for what is right and bringing people together to accomplish great things.

As a former Hudson County Prosecutor working in the public corruption, weapons and narcotics trafficking units, I know what we need to do to keep our streets and communities safe. As an advocate for homeowners and renters, I work pro bono ensuring tenants know their rights and landlords understand their responsibilities because that makes our neighborhoods cleaner and more affordable. And, as civil litigation attorney I know how to fight for our fair share.

To address the falling city services in Ward C, I started the Block by Block Community Initiative to address quality of life concerns, such as garbage in the streets and poor sidewalk conditions due to snow/ice, by bringing neighbors together who want to roll up their sleeves, take action, and make positive improvements to our community. I am President of the Friends of the Five Corners Library. I know the importance of a library to every community to provide needed resources and enhance equality of opportunity. If elected, I will fight hard to ensure that libraries remain the center of our neighborhoods and not be left behind.

I also serve on the Board of the Journal Square Community Association and Chair its Safe Committee; and am on the Board of several non-profit organizations that promote the arts, music, and education, including the Jersey City Theater Center and United Children’s Music Project.

Ward C needs an effective leader to push us forward; to fight for our fair share; to have a vision of what we can be and have the experience to take us there. As we emerge from this pandemic, it is time Ward C also emerges to take its rightful place as the heart and soul of Jersey City. I am confident that I am that leader.

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